Let Go My Hand

Let Go My Hand is a darkly comic and deeply moving twenty-first-century love story between a son, his brothers and their father. Through these vividly realized characters, it asks elemental questions about how we love, how we live, and what really matters in the end. Frequently funny, sometimes profound, this is an intimate, beautifully-written and life-affirming book for everyone devoted-to and despairing-of their family.

The Devil’s Garden

Dr Forle is a scientist living on an Amazon river station deep in the South American jungle where he and his international crew of colleagues work with locals to study the eerie forest glades that the Indians call ‘devil’s gardens’. Who or what has created these seemingly cursed places? The answer, he hopes, will change the way we think about evolution and the nature of life itself.

Self Help/Pravda

A sweeping transcontinental novel of secrets and lies buried within a single family

Thirty-two-year-old Gabriel Glover arrives in St. Petersburg to find his mother dead in her apartment. Reeling from grief, Gabriel and his twin sister, Isabella, arrange the funeral without contacting their father, Nicholas, a brilliant and manipulative libertine. Unknown to the twins, their mother had long ago abandoned a son, Arkady, a pitiless Russian predator now determined to claim his birthright. Aided by an ex-seminarian whose heroin addiction is destroying him, Arkady sets out to find the siblings and uncover the dark secret hidden from them their entire lives.

The Calligrapher

This is the story of Jasper Jackson, a twenty-nine year old Londoner with an unusual occupation. Engaging and intelligent, if a little self-deluded, Jasper has few troubles in life … Until he meets Madeleine, a captivating but enigmatic woman who is his equal in every way. Madly vulnerable for the first time, he is bound for his comeuppance.

A Good Man

A short story written in 2007.

Donne on Death

An introduction written in 2008.